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Holistic Design for Healthy Living

You don’t sleep well, and when you wake up you are tired and lack energy. Your home and office stress you out instead of calming you down. Perhaps you have moved into a new home, ready to start anew; instead, your kids have been scared or sick since you’ve moved in, or you feel your environment is not healthy. You are in the market to rent or buy a new place, but don’t know you should be looking out for in terms of a healthy living space that will compliment you, or you have a space but don't know how to decorate it in a way that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Plan your Home Diagnosis with me now

Change the relationship you have with your home

Discover the poetics of your house and the fundamental aspects that have a direct impact on your health and harmony. Create more awareness around you through useful and simple tools, and without investing in unnecessary renovations.

These sessions are specially designed to give you the optimum information during a visit at your living space in a clear, organic and holistic way.

Sessions are available in Spanish and English.

What will you achieve with my method?

Get a personal diagnosis of the current state of your home and a specific plan of action for making the essential changes that will transform your life and work.

Rest better

Phenomena in your environment can trigger sleeplessness and ill-health without your being aware of it. 

Reduce stress

If the atmosphere in your home is disruptive, it will affect your health and daily life.

Be more efficient and decisive

Feel confident and grounded to manifest your vital purpose

Feel more energetic and creative

Build your own space for life and feel the satisfaction of working and living in it.

"Marta is like the "family doctor" of a house. I've loved working with her; she's helped us better understand our home and decide if it was a suitable place to live with my family or not."
Elisabet, Girona


Marta Ribas

I design your home holistically for healthy living. 

For 20 years, I dedicated myself to creating experiential spaces which complement the human senses in the fashion, perfume, and luxury industry. I have worked for brands such as Levi's, Diesel, Carolina Herrera, Prada, Valentino, Comme des Garçons using retail marketing, emotional design, and neuromarketing techniques. 

"From a young age, I felt the impact and importance of the invisible world in a way that I did not understand rationally at the time. Over time, I grew more and more interested in establishing a link between our sensory stimuli and how they interact with the physical world, and manifest in health or illness, happiness or depression, good sleep or sleeplessness, productivity and organisation or their opposites."

I have dedicated the past 10 years to exploring and working with different physical sciences and ancestral philosophies related the natural sciences, and their strength and influences on the living being. I am passionate about integrating people and their habitats to create healthy, sustainable and purposeful spaces.

Bioconstruction, environmental neuroscience and measurement, feng shui, geobiology, and healthy building protocols helped to change my life's direction towards this fascinating journey that I share with you today, so that you, too, may live in harmony with your surroundings.

diagnose by La Casa Marta.


 Home life is now more important than ever. We spend 90% of our life indoors, where often the air we breathe is more polluted than outside. The World Health Organisation  (WHO) reported the sick building syndrome (SBS) in 1984 related to poor indoor air quality. A good interior design can holistically facilitate a state of health and well-being in your home.

diagnose and design by La Casa Marta.


We cannot achieve success if we do not first meet our most basic and physiological needs which are: relaxation, a good night's sleep, clean air, health, and live in a safe and secure environment. The pandemic taught people that their office environments were likely contributing to their ill health, and that a healthy working space is as important as a healthy home environment.

What a One-to-One diagnostic plan looks like 


I analyze all the data relevant to your home spaces, and look at all of the family's symptoms, in order to help you expand your understanding go how your surroundings influence you. Your home address and a technical drawing of your living space are all I need to evaluate the most basic environment influences (air, water, light, earth, noise, community); this forms the basis of the pre-study. 

Pre-session study

Space Diagnosis visit

I will share with you the results of my pre-study during the diagnosis visit. Then we will analyse the space in detail, taking into account your personal and professional needs while following the most innovative scientific protocols of healthy buildings, room by room. In addition to a complete report of the visit, comes the action plan.

3 hours visit

Action Plan

I propose a series of sustainable actions for your space which will allow you to feel better and healthier at home, thus giving you the opportunity to meet your full potential.

Final report and action plan


I'll stay by your side for a month to resolve any doubts or implement any changes in your action plan. You will also have the opportunity to work with me in custom sessions, at a special rate, for any new situations that may arise.
Follow-up for 1 month

"Our shop ambience has changed 100% since you’ve helped us to remodel it. We are busier than ever."  Sabrina, bakery in Calafell.
"Only 3 days have passed since you told us where to put our kid to sleep. Not only does she sleep through the night, but she has calmed down and isn’t afraid anymore."  Mireia, Madrid.

One-to-One diagnostic plan

You can start transforming your relationship with your house today! You are one step away from making your living space a true sanctuary, and unlocking your full potential.

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Discover My 4+1 Method

Your environment is as fundamental to your health and well-being as nutrition and exercise.

My methodology is unique, because before we start working the space that we can see - the functionality and beauty of space - I study and analyse what you do not see. I do this in order to positively influence the spaces that can affect the well-being and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the people who inhabit it. My approach is holistic and comprehensive. 


The air you breathe, the materials you touch, the orientation, the available space, the natural light, the exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the organization of space and connection to nature or green spaces are some of the aspects that directly affect your health and consequently, your mood and performance. Bioconstruction is based on habitat biology, an ecological way to rehabilitate and build, taking into account factors related to your biology, health and sustainability of the building.

Feng Shui

A tool to optimize the space you inhabit by studying the balance, circulation, and expansion of energy flows. Feng shui connects us with our habitat through a choice of elements, which create an ecosystem of balance and harmony with the natural laws that govern your essence; it is a powerful ancestral tool which enhances your vital energy in your space. 

Environmental measurement

The health any living being depends on the harmony and balance of the general environment, as well as its personal space. Your constructed environment is made up of measurable geophysical entities, and it is necessary to analyse particles, gases, bacteria, and radiations, in order to propose measures that will enhance physical well-being, as well as generating the best relationship between people and their environment. 

Holistic Health

Overexposure to electrical, material, and toxic aspects, even if they are minimal, can constitute a health risk if they trigger stress in the body. Each of us is affected differently, depending on the kind of influence, its intensity, and our biology. Holistic health is based on a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Considering the interconnection between body, mind and spirit, as well as the environment in which a person lives.

World Health Organization (WHO) reported the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) in 1984 related to poor indoor quality. The causes have been attributed to contaminants produced by building materials, volatile organic compounds (VOC), molds, improper exhaust ventilation, light chemicals, and electromagnetic fields.

I wish to share my knowledge with you, so you can inhabit a functional and beautiful space, but also healthy one!



transformING SPACES

Real Cases


The reform of a space of +500m2, in a historic building of the city, and its conversion to offices is an important adventure. Just as the real things in life this flowed naturally, it was carried out in an agile way and above all, it was a process of becoming aware of the importance of space and its relationship with us. There is a before and after of the new offices, this space has helped us to capture our vision about the business in a firm and clear way…

Joan, Barcelona 

 / Entrepreneur design agency


Marta feels her work like few people, the mixture of professionalism and sensitivity makes working with her an experience. She does not only change your view on your home, but also teaches you very interesting things about what surrounds us. In our case, we had problems with groundwater, heating, and consumption, among other things. The solution was to contact Marta, learn to observe the house and its signs to find the problem and solve everything.

Raquel, Lleida 

/ Ceramist businesswoman


We called Marta because we were about to buy a house. She did the study and advised us against it because it was not a healthy space to create our future home. The surprise was not very pleasant, as for us, it seemed the perfect house, and we were very excited. But coincidentally, weeks later we were talking to the tenants who lived in that house, and they informed us that they were all sick since they lived there.

Cristina, Madrid

/ Health entrepeneur

My 4+1 Method  

To transform the health of your home

Diagnose your house with the holistic view of my method that unites the knowledge and wisdom of 4 different disciplines, setting the focus on the people who inhabit the spaces. You are an active part in our one-on-one sessions.

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Your well-being at home can change the world

At La Casa Marta, you are the source of inspiration from which I create and develop holistic projects for the common good. Taking into account your health and that of the planet, I design spaces that care for and nourish at different levels.

Having full knowledge and awareness of what surrounds you will lead to a new approach to life, new values, and renewed energy that will help to both understand and improve your environment and therefore, your health and quality of life.

Real Cases


Her study helped me to rethink the renovation project and adapt it to the new values she proposed, which I believe are key for any type of housing or living space. It has helped me to be much more aware of the place where I live and the invisible external factors that surround us and affect us. The communication with Marta is fantastic, she knows how to transmit and explain perfectly these aspects that are still unknown today. Without a doubt, I will try to incorporate her project as part of any future interior design project.

Cristina, Barcelona

 / Architect


Marta is extremely careful with every object, with every color you choose and with every layout. She works with feng shui and teaches you the importance of decoration in the environment. You learn where the most important points are so that the work and work environment is optimized. Working with Marta meant for me to connect with my business in a different way. I am very happy and grateful for her support. And the customers love the atmosphere and comfort in our store today. We will rely on you again, but next time it will be for our home.

Sabrina, Calafell 

/ Hospitality entrepreneur


I am very satisfied with Marta's visit. She made an in-person visit and reviewed the entire house, presenting us with a very clear diagnosis. What I liked the most was her personal and human approach. She is a sincere, warm and direct person. In addition, her view of the "House" is unique, since she takes into account other factors that we do not see and ignore in general. After her visit I have felt a clearer change of direction in my life. The change begins now!

Diana, Bilbao  

/ Firefighter

You’re 1 Step Away from Making your Living Space a True Place of Care

Plan a call with Marta Ribas



Marta Ribas

"My specialty is projects that require much more than organizing a few square meters of an interior design –I excel at  projects that require the synthesis of multiple forces into an integrated environment of health and well-being as a vital project, so you can manifest your purpose of life." 

I have a unique and intuitive methodology with which I create healthy living and working environments, integrating scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom. I assist people like you to renovate spaces that inhibit you into those that inspire you.

I wish to share my knowledge with you, so you can inhabit a functional and beautiful space, and live in harmony with the environment.



If you have come this far today, it's because the best time for you is now. There are always things that need improvement at home, and it's always a good time to take action. I can assure you that all of my customers are amazed at the amount and quality of the information they receive during the sessions, since many of the issues I raise have never been considered. The phrase that is most often repeated during the sessions is: "Your look at the house is unique".


Would you be able to tell me whether your house is well-oriented, what material are your walls made of, or if your house id properly grounded? Do you know how radiation and electromagnetic fields affect your rest? Do you feel your work area is located in a good place and is well-designed? Are you aware of how materials and objects affect the air you breathe? If your answers are mainly NO, then you had better start diagnosing your space today so that you can have a clear picture of what basic actions you need to take in order to transform your living space into a true custodian of your health and wellbeing.


I'll need your full address, the blueprint of the space you want to diagnose, a technical drawing, and as well a list of your physical symptoms. Once I have these details, I will be able to diagnose and evaluate the main factors that are causing your discomfort.



It doesn't really matter whether you own the space you live in or you rent it. As long as you are spending time in it, this diagnosis is important. Depending on your sensitivity, symptoms of discomfort may appear after days, weeks, or months. Mild symptoms could become more serious with the passage of time, until you reach the point that you begin to realize that “something is going on in my house, this is not normal”. 


Usually not, but sometimes yes. 90% of my clients are able to improve things without remodelling. You can experience a lot of benefits by diagnosing your home, before you even do something as simple as painting a wall. The diagnosis allows you to have the most useful information to act efficiently, beginning immediately after the session. Starting with education in healthy habits is a vital tool for effective and efficient change.

Plan your Home Diagnosis with me now

Change the relationship you have with your home

Discover the poetics of your house and the fundamental aspects that have a direct impact on your health and harmony. Create more awareness around you through useful and simple tools, and without investing in unnecessary renovations.

These sessions are specially designed to give you the optimum information during a visit at your living space in a clear, organic and holistic way

Sessions are available in Spanish and English.

My 4+1 Method

To transform the health of your home

Diagnose your house with the holistic view of my method that unites the knowledge and wisdom of 4 different disciplines, setting the focus on the people who inhabit the spaces. You are an active part in our one-on-one sessions.

Plan a call with Marta Ribas

"Marta, you create poetry amidst walls".  Marcos, Madrid.
"Your look at the house is unique".  Alicia, Valencia.